Monday, October 29, 2007

Contests: Krystal Square Off IV: World Hamburger Eating Championship

There is a new king and town and its not Takeru Kobayashi! Putting down 103 Krystal hamburgers in 8 minutes, Joey Chestnut took it down.

For actual "coverage" of this event check out the Krystal Square Off site.

Did you know that there are Fantasy Sports Eating Leagues?......Wait.....What? Yep, here it is: Fantasy Eating.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

North 45

More fresh burglers. WhopperChomper and ToastedBun enlighten us to enjoying Belgium beer with our favorite American pop culture icon.

I started Friday night with a hankerin for a burger, which brought me & ToastedBun to North 45. The menu is dominated by a wide variety of mussels and above average takes on traditional pub grub. Priced at $8, their one & only burger on the menu is a straight ahead solid effort served the correct way, with bacon & cheese (pepper bacon & aged cheddar) and a ciabatta roll.

As a travel pub, North 45 also makes serious business of pommes frites (that's fancy talk for french fries), and those come with the burger as well. The menu recommends an IPA with the burger, so I felt it a journalistic imperative to order one. The result is an entirely satisfying & nearly pornographic burger experience that outclasses close neighbor Blue Moon by a long shot.

Note - they've got an extensive collection of belgian trappist ales and even though they are fairly pricey at around $8 each, Toasted Bun loves to experiment and they're generally fantastic with the frites. The glass the beer is served in is so fancy, they make you give up your shoe as collateral.

North 45 Pub
517 NW 21st Ave
Portland OR 97209


Friday, October 26, 2007

La Sirenita UPDATED

UPDATE: 10/26/2007

There is this company called "Schmap" that trolls Flickr for photos to use in their city guides. Well, long story short. They ended up using our hamburguesa picture for the review of La Sirenita. Sorry La Sirenita, you are now a burger shack!

Check it out: Schmap


Continued tour of Portland Mexican restaurant hamburgers.

I have to go back again. They ran out of buns for their flagship burger, so I went with just a cheeseburger. Fair priced thin patty (no wonder the counter fellow kept asking me if I wanted a double) with american cheese and the standard condiments. Does the trick at the dirt cheap price, plus the fries are steak fries.

La Sirenita
2817 Ne Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211



Pickles & Ammo and the new kid, BleuCrumbles stuff face at O'Connor's.

That top one there was formerly known by Pickles & Ammo as a cajan burger. When the restaurant found out that it has disappeared and he was the only one around they accused him of eating it and charged him $7.50. But, they did offer up soup, salad, fries, or hushpuppies.

Bleu Crumbles had the avocado swiss burger:

It was pretty tasty. The Hush-Puppies came with a sweet, yet spicy salsa, that can be best described as top shelf.

7850 SW Capitol Hwy.
Portland, OR 97219


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Screendoor on East Burnside offers up some versions of Southern BBQ, fried chicken, po-boys, and such. Hamburgler and Pickles & Ammo were there burgering though.

The "Backyard Burger" is 8 oz. of free range sirloin and starts at $9.75 with cheedar and fries. Add extras for $1.00 each.

Pickles & Ammo just decided to go with all the extras: bacon, fried egg, and crispy fried onions. He ordered it bloody, and was excited to see it come that way. He personally thinks that he can rate how good a burger is by:

Juices that don't run clear.
That pool of clear juices spotted with red blotches on the plate is his own personal Rorschach Inkblot test.

Hamburgler went straight up bacon cheese burger in the third pic. If this site had a recommend list it would be on it.

2337 E Burnside
Portland, OR 97214


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cascade Locks Charburger

Whataburger! ( aka Lelo in Nopo ) takes a trip up the river for some sizzling burger action. She is going to get a pass as she learns the fine art of burgering photo skills as well.

I hope that the delectable charred taste of my charburger today, from Charburger in Cascade Locks, was the real deal and not out of a bottle. You know the taste I'm talkin' bout. Char.

We popped into Charburger today because the other half has never been. And as a native Oregonian, she really should be ashamed of herself for that.

Charburger offers up all kinds of options for your burgers. I opted for the special, $7.95, topped with pepper jack cheese and turkey bacon. The other half went for the cheddar burger. I should have gotten the cheddar burger cuz I couldn't bite through the bacon and the cheese had been cooked to the point of oil/cheese separation. But, the view is to die for at Charburger, and the setting is outta this world. A cafeteria style of the middle of the spacious dining room is a chuckwagon...

...Because mine was the special, it came served in the skillet pan. I loved that detail. The burger was pretty dry, but after a trip to the chuck wagon side table of help yourself hamburger accouterments, a little special sauce helped make everything much better. While the other half says she vows to never return, at least she can say she's gone.Char.

Unable to pass by the pie case without pulling a little somethin' somethin' out, here was the crem de la creme...I'm not sure which is better: the logo or the pie.

Stumptown Confidential has this to say as well as a couple more pics:
This is the way a damn burger joint should look! Kind of like the Doug Fir's older, less ironic brother that lives in the country.

Cascade Locks Charburger
745 Wanapa St.
Cascade Locks, OR

Menu photo from Ramparts54



Keep two things in mind. I'm sure this thing was eaten at 3am and PattyMelt likes Van Hagar over Diamond Dave. Still she has this to say: was f**kin' excellent and thankfully there was no 1000 Island dressing."

UPDATE: 10/23/2007

PattyMelt likes to set records straight!
I, as any eater that has respect for the truth, am compelled to demand a correction and clear my good name. I prefer Diamond Dave over Van Hagar any day of the week! Put that on your bun and eat it!

15 SE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214


Links: Ideas In Food

Idea's In Food has some fantastic food experiments going on. Some even include burger. Above is the Long Burger that betrays our sense of culture....thats a hot dog bun there buddy!

Outside of burgering they have some interesting ideas that should get you away from watching the bad tippers on the Food Network.

This is nuts (not literally). Hot Cauliflower Ice Cream with Wet Olives, Pickled Chafa Nuts, Epazote & Mustard Chips.

Cock's Combs Lardons

Pork Belly Tater Tots


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE / Magneto (Mexico)

The BurgerBlogger wrapped up the last part of his tour in Mexico and did find some Hamburguesa action while there.

Here's a couple photos from my last tour in Mexico. I went to Mexico CIty, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosi, all in 4 days. Needless to say taking time to enjoy a Hamburguesa was out the question.

For the most part they are push carts or hitch trailers on the streets. There is a chain of hamburguesas that sets up a small shack that locks up. They set up in parques and not super busy intersections. (if i lived there i'd ask for one outside my door)

The one time i did have time to order a hamburguesa the place was out. But, it was at a place called Arachera House, and the hamburguesa had the choice of Pineapple and or chorizo on top of the queso and hamburguesa.

Since we could only eat in a hurry and at odd hours we ended up eating alot of the local drunk eateries at like 4am. I choose to have the local specialties. Above are Enchiladas Mineras, a specialty to Guanajuato Mexico.

Mexico City has tons of different things, but I had a "pambazo". It's a fried spicy bread with chirizo, potatoes filling, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream if you want. I went for broke.

If you plan to travel to Mexico on a food trip take a long term anti acid pill of your choice a half hour before eating, it coats your belly and the stomach acid kills the badness the food may have before it reaches your system. It works. Been touring in Mexico since 2001 and I swear by it..... Well, I also drink alot of tequila every time possible, that also kills the food bugs.



Originally just went to try and find the mythical food product "Lyle Lovett's Chicken Nuggets". No luck, but, they do have a burger selection and some sides by the great Dwight Yoakam for only a buck (saw a posting about these recently somewhere).

No burgers consumed, but they are available. It is pretty hard to microwave a hamburger with the bun. Who am I to complain though. I buy my clothes at Walgreens.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


CondimentSpreader has got the fever. Burger fever that is, and thinks he has found a contender. Got to be curious about that Habanero-Blackberry Ketchup.

If you find yourself near old town after bar close, I IMPLORE you to head to Velour on First and Ash.

They're open til four, allow smoking in their very plush, comfortable balcony, and besides the Slow Bar, have one of the best burgers I've tasted. It is a buffalo patty, but I don't think I could tell in this case, and it comes with the best fries anywhere. I know it seems like an exaggeration, but no...

However they grill the buns, they are served with the slightest bit of crunch with no signs of burning. Really,.. great texture as much as anything with this one. And apparently the fries get rolled in rice flour before the oil, adding extra crunch, and are served with a habanero and blackberry ketchup. Pretty interesting stuff. My only criticism, in my opinion, was that they went a little heavy with the black pepper in the patty, but just barely.

On the more expensive side at nine dollars, but really i would consider it worth it. Check it out.

NOTE: They have a $3.00 happy hour burger from 3 to 6pm.

111 SW Ash St.
Portland, OR 97204


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oaks Bottom Public House

Apparently you can't stop CondimentSpreader from eating all the hamburgers in Sellwood.

Right at the intersection of Milwaukie Ave. and Bybee in Sellwood, you'll find the Oaks Bottom Public House.

Not really a pub, but more of a grill with a ton of local beers. Their menu offers six burger options,(basic, with cheese, bacon) and then a few gourmet twists. Having had tried their Jalapeno burger previously, and being pretty happy with it, this time around i stepped to the 1/2 pound chevre burg.

I wasn't given the option of how I wanted it cooked, and I would have enjoyed it a bit rarer, but the sheer amount of amazing chevre cheese piled high really negated any other areas I could find fault. It was a pretty damn fine sando. Recommended.

Also of note was the option to accompany any burger with what I found to be the best tots i've tasted in a long time.

PS: Try some of the Ninkasi brews from eugene.

Oaks Bottom Public House
1621 SE Bybee
Portland, OR 97202


Monday, October 15, 2007

News: Hamburger Contests

The Krystal World Hamburger Eating Championship is coming up on October 28th.

The Association of Independent Competitive Eaters always seems to keep the contests coming, and burgers are disappearing fast. This kind of scares me when they show stats of someone eating 12 Krispy Kreme donuts in 1 minute.

Giant Hamburger contest pays out $1000.

In the world of corporate burgers:

Wendy's has the "Build Wendy's New Burger" contest is closed and they will announce the winner in November.

Wendy's also has something called the "Hot Juicy Burger" contest that you can win free burgers from. Something to do with social network sites (i.e. maybe they will be the new $500 Macy's gift card). via Super Sized Meals

Red Robin(Are those street signs indoors? How wacky) has a contest winner for the kids.

Applebee's and the Food Network are announcing their Big Burger Showdown winner today.

A&W announced their winner. They are getting way out of the box with seasoning salt, and ranch.


Bitter End Pub

The Human Cyburger can burgler with the best of them and had a little late night stumble towards the "Timber Burger".

Usual suspects, plus Thousand Island. Fries or tots. $7.50

Bitter End Pub
1981 W. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97209


Broadway Grill & Brewery

The Human Cyburger and D'Angus Beefheart hit the Broadway Grill & Brewery and cross the streams of grilled meats. (yeah we know the photos are a bit murky).

Human Cyburger had "The Jumbo Ultra Dogburger" that consisted of 1/3 pounder, grilled hot dog, egg, and cheese. Served with chips for $8.50.

D'Angus Beefheart stayed on task with the "Pub Patty Melt". 1/3 pounder, grilled onions, swiss, "pub made 1000 Island dressing" (getting fancy) on rye. $7.50 with chips.

Also, if you like a spicy sumthin' sumthin', you might want to try their chili-beer. Painful, yet delicious.

Broadway Grill & Brewrey
1700 NE Broadway St.
Portland, OR 97232


Art: Black Metal Fast Food Fight!

This just goes to show that burgers can bring everyone together (and where is the Portland metal/burger scene these days anyhow?)

Last weekend in Baltimore at the Lo-Fi Social Club there was a 2 day art show of tattoo artists, comic book illustrators, photographers, painters, and assorted other media, all coming together for some Black Metal [Wikipedia link] theme action known as Black Metal Fast Food Fight! aka BMFFF!. Oh, and of course about 40 bands, and a wrestler named "The Hamburglaress".

The City Paper (Baltimores weekly) had this to say:

...What began as a quirky idea of having black-metal clad wrestlers tumble through Happy Meals has become a focal point for a discussion of ugly American excess...

...Fast food's undeniable grotesqueness and black metal's ghoulishness give new absurd qualities to terror....

Photos from Joshsisk (all rights reserved), RoxyToxic (all rights reserved), Portrait of Dave Thomas by Alex Fine (all rights reserved), Black Metal Wendy by Defekto (all rights reserved).


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Burger Tour: East LA

The BurgerBlogger is still out there lurking in East LA with the BurgerHoover. He is currently in Mexico touring and getting us pics of Hamburguesa's, but seems to have found a way to kill some downtime.

They snapped a bunch of photos of a ton of burger joints in East LA and now its up to us to tell them where to eat. Hence, their 1st annual East LA burger tour. Check it out and let them know where you want them to go.

Two Can't Decide - East LA Burger Tour


Art: Marshmallow Burger

We got this Marshmallow burger from AbleBody. It was used as a prop in the movie Blood Car (preview below).

Apparently it won at the Bend Film Festival. I dunno.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

A & L

Portland Hamburglers RidgedPickle and AmericanCheese were sitting around watching college football all day, apparently got intimidated by the size of the players on the large screen, so they decided to bulk up with some burgers.

RidgedPickle went with a burger called "The Vast". It had bacon and ham (serious business), cheese, and there was some discussion whether or not there was an egg on it. AmericanCheese apparently just sat there and marveled at the speed and efficiency that RidgedPickle displayed putting this thing away.

AmericanCheese went with a straight up cheeseburger and onion rings.

The bun had just the right amount of grease.

There was something called a "Slider" on the menu but it was a sandwich. Ah Shucks!

A & L
5933 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97213