Friday, April 4, 2008

Buffalo Wild WIngs

BunsOfGlory might just be a hater, but its hard not to love the business savvy it takes to cut costs with Bud Bowl glassware:

SirBurgersALot and I hopped into the local Buffalo Wild Wings for a burger and a beer. It was just about the plainest burger I've ever had. Absolutely nothing special. The fries tasted like those that I buy in the supermarket.

Worse than Huber's. Believe it

Buffalo Wild Wings
327 SW Morrison
Portland, OR 97204


Anonymous said...

I would highly agree with the nothing special part. My husband and I looked forward to trying it since they opened downtown and needless to say we were very disappointed when we left. I had a BBQ chicken sandwich that was the most bland thing I've ever had - even though I requested the sweet bbq sauce, I hardly tasted any. My husband had the puled pork sandwich and said "it was nothing special, probably one of the most benign meals I've ever had". Service was good and atmosphere was alright if you are into a million TV's with different things on each one...

Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Man, I was disappointed with their burger, too. I don't eat chicken (it's a long story), so I'm always desperate to find places where my friends can get wings--and I don't have to go home hungry. Back when I lived in Texas, I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings there with friends, and they had a good, juicy, spicy-as-heck burger. I was really looking forward to the same thing when one opened downtown here.

The one here has the driest and dullest burgers that were ever coated with spicy barbecue sauce. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bunch of pathetic retards you guys are. The big tip-off here is that the company is named Buffalo Wild WINGS. It's a corporate sports bar that shows - get this - sports. The business is designed to draw in the type of clientele that drink light beer and scream at a number of big screens all at once. They have 4 different burgers on their menu that are all basically the same. Honestly, who is surprised by that? One reviewer had a barbecue chicken sandwich that didn't taste like it had any barbecue sauce on it. Let me ask you, genius, did you ask for more sauce? Would it have been much for you to raise your little fucking hand and say, "This sandwich is as dry as my vag on my wedding night. can I have some more sauce?" Next time you're in a place like this, order the wings. They're great. They're even cheaper on Tuesdays and the boneless variety get a discount on Thursdays. "Bleh." I hope you choke on a chicken bone, you ignorant twat.