Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE / Magneto

Former Portlander, Pony shoes designer, and International DJ Magneto aka ERS-ONE comes through with a some tour burger madness while going through the midwest (and now working his way up the West Coast to Portland, then back down through Mexico). He highlights his Chi-Town top three. Check him out at the Goodfoot the first Friday of every month for B-Boy jams.

You can download one of his new mixes "Latin Safari" for free if you like as well.

Oh. And he prefers to be now known as: "The BurgerBlogger"

It's all about Kuma's Corner. The burger I had was "The Clutch". Four kinds of cheese (cheddar, jack, swiss, and smoked Gouda) that work perfectly with the 1/2 handmade patty slighlty seasoned (not sure with what), and the bun was a Pertzel bread. Perfect. Worth the wait for a table

All burgers are named after a metal band. All $10, and with excellent seasoned fries.

"The Clutch"

"The Clutch" locked and loaded

The "Neurosis" burger with swiss and mushrooms.

Harry Caray's.
They have one burger option, a hand made patty seasoned well. The sauteed onions and mushrooms went well with it, fries we're good, and Goose Island beers went well with it too,. $12

The man himself and his delicious burgers:

The third best burger I had was at Clarke's.

It was a good standard burger. well presented, but it wasn't super tastey, not even a 4:40am drunk.


Manny said...

hola... i apologize for the crappy pictures, i forget how hard it is to take a good picture with the anticipation of tasting the tasty treat before you. woa...

next week i'm in san francisco, get at me if you've got any burger suggestions

Manny said...
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