Friday, September 7, 2007

Links: Super Sized Meals

They have some big burger action over at Super Sized Meals. They are taking burgers to the next level.

Hamburgers as a pizza topping. Yep.

If that doesn't do it for about this thing:

Supersized Calorie Creation will bring sharp pains of joy to your heart. It's a hot dog, wrapped in cheese, mince, bacon, and grilled on the BBQ

How could you not bring the "Luther Burger" into the mix as well. Yes, those are donuts, and not buns

And lets not leave the vegetarians out of the mix. They like a big meal sometimes as well. Delicious.

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Anonymous said...

i would like to ask permission to use your pizza with hamburger topping as part of my couresework for my ICT GCSE. please reply to witin the next 3 days as it has to be handed in on the 26th March 2008