Monday, October 8, 2007

Burger Skills: Homemade Burger Budgeting

Karen Datko over at The Simple Dollar takes the McDonalds $1 cheeseburger on a burger battle with homemade burgers. Yep, she forgot a bunch of other factors (gas/storage/condiments/cooking), but still could probably win. Now, take on the double!

Anyway, there’s roughly three ounces of meat on the burger, plus cheese, ketchup and a bun, meaning you can make 16 burgers of equivalent size from three pounds of hamburger meat.

Using the Global Grocery List and other online sources, I obtained some prices for the materials you would need to construct 16 such cheeseburgers.

- 3 pounds hamburger @ $1.99 lb. = $5.97
- 16 slices cheese, store brand = $1.99
- 16 hamburger buns, actually 2 packs of 8 = $3.98
- 1 small bottle ketchup = $1.50
… for a total of $13.44. One doesn’t have to pay sales tax on these products as they’re staple foods. Sixteen McDonald's double cheeseburgers, on the other hand, cost $17.12.

If you want to do this in bulk, just grill all of the burgers, then freeze them, separating them with pieces of wax paper. Pull out however many you want per meal, warm them up, then assemble them with the bun and whatever items you want on it.

...In other words, you can make a healthier, tastier version of the McDonald's $1 double cheeseburger at home for less than $1 per sandwich. And if you can beat the lowest common denominator in fast food, you can easily beat the price point of most anything else you would eat out.

Photo by Valeribb with CC license.

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