Thursday, October 11, 2007

Burger Tour: Pure Country Gold PART 1

Pure Country Gold are having a good year (and apparently still training for the upcoming Olympics). Willamette Week declared them one of the top 10 best new bands in Portland. They released a couple records, one on Empty and another 7" on Shake Appeal. And, just finished up their second tour this year that got kicked off opening for Roky Erickson at the Music Fest NW.

You can go see for yourself at Berbati's Pan on Friday October 12th, 2007.

They like to eat burgers too. Here follows a diary of the their brown nutritional requirments on the road in 2 parts.

Here's a report of our burger experiences from the Pure Country Gold "Great Divide" Tour '07.

For our first meal of the tour we stopped at a McDonald's inside a gas station in Ritzville, WA. It was a friday evening and the place was hopping with folks and we realized Ritzville is not as elegant a place as its name implies. We both ordered two $1 double cheeseburgers and a $1 order of fries from the value menu.

I’d been hearing about Dicks Burgers from friends in Spokane for years. When I woke up hung-over and starving that day I couldn’t wait to stuff some hot Dick’s in my mouth. Apparently its not related to the Dick’s in Seattle, but looks very much the same. I ordered a couple of cheeseburgers that were about a buck a piece I think. Again we decided to eat in the van and started making our way to Missoula.

I was pretty disappointed – the burgers looked and tasted not much different than the McBurgers from the night before. Jake ordered some kind of “Deluxe” burger that looked better and I think he was much happier than I.

Continued in PART 2

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