Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hamburgers VS Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up soon and there is a plethora of hamburger and related costumes to choose from. Let us know if you happen to snap a shot of any local Halloween burgers out there.

He is a bit too "wacky" for me. Personally like the hat for "bonus pickles".
LINK: Available from Brandon Sale

You and your other can express themselves together as McDonalds burgers. (what happened to his legs?)
LINK: Available from Shop . com

This one is about $1000.00, but has available "cooling" accessories so you don't overheat.
LINK: Available from International Fun Shop

Available in "unisex".
LINK: Available from Spirit

Get your Hamburger-Helper. You know someone is going to rearrange the fingers by 10pm. This was made by Jupiter Crash over at Get Crafty

They will let anyone get into a hamburger related costume these days.

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