Friday, December 7, 2007

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE/Magneto - Le Bon (Santa Barbara)

The BurgerBlogger is all over the place lately and thinks he finally found the best burger in the Santa Barbara area. You think the term "California Style" toppings has to include sprouts by now right?

By far the best burger in Santa Barbara.

I had the "Bison Burger" with three cheese, seasoned fries, and some fancy-ass $20 beer (I think we got ripped off).

My friend Marina had the Bison bleu cheese hammy with bacon, that was the ish, best one. That's what I'm getting next.

Le Bon
138 East Canon Perdido
Santa Barbara, CA


Marina said...

For the record, they gave us the second round of beers for free.

But yes - nobody knows meatlovers spots in SB like me. I'm just bummed out that they're not open for lunch anymore - it's the best hangover cure ever! You can still get a bison burger (better for you, and better for the environment than regular cows!!!) at Le Bon for dinner, though, so it's not a total loss.

Just remember to go with a Sam Adams to accompany it - the Swedish Lager isn't worth it.

Marina said...

Oh yeah... they buy their sprouts from the same spot at the farmers market i do. Clover sprouts! Mmmmmmmmm.......

Manny said...

i lohv beer, and lamp.. i should stop while i'm ahead