Tuesday, December 18, 2007

California: The Spot (Carpinteria)

Ya, I know. Where is Carpinteria? Its south of Toro Canyon, thats south of Summerland, thats south of Montecito, that is south of Santa Barbara. Its all one big suburb anyways.

BurgerBlogger fills us in:

My only good shot of the Pastrami, Guacamole, and Cheeseburger from "The Spot" in Carpinteria right by the beach.

SUPER GOOD. I worked in Carpinteria for about a month and had a few of these burgers...

The Spot
389 Linden Ave.
Capinteria, CA 93013


Cookie Jill said...

We Santa Barbarians "bristle" at the word "suburb."

Carp is it's own identity. Home to the California Avocado Festival and the "World's safest beach."

You might try visiting "The Nugget." Their burgers have made a name for themselves in these here parts.

Eli Hopkins said...

Whoa, I used to spend all my summers in Carp, and i didn't realize there was anybody else alive that had even heard of it. Remember that taco-stand at Rincon?

Manny said...

i lohv taco and hamburger. but never seen the taco stand at rincon. i will have to go investigate and see if they can make me a Hamburguesa

Johnny Angel said...

Yeah im from carpinteria and its the best place in the world to live and enjoy the beach and just live happy for ever iam class of86 baby Johnny Angel