Monday, December 31, 2007

Colorado: Ted's Montana Grill (Littleton)

PattyPusher has been out in Colorado this holiday season and shares some of his burgering:

PattyPusher has tasted the burgers of the Colorado Front Range and they are almost as crazy as his family at X-mas time. As soon as said nutters were made aware of his brown biscuit passions plans were laid to procure the most sacred of nourishment at Ed’s, a legendary tavern up in the hills. No lettuce, no tomato, no fries, no high falutin’ micro brews , no f#@&ing around. Closed for a week for the holidays?!?! Dammit! Ok, My Brother’s Bar then, not to be confused with My Father’s Place. What? Also Shuttered?!?! Lunacy!! Conspiracy!!!!

Finally finding a joint that understood that burgers are more important than some dead guy’s birthday, the hamburgling commenced.

Ted’s Montana Grill is apparently a chain with “World Famous” burgers. Mr. Pusher had the Buffalo, Swiss, Mushroom, and Sour cream for a whopping $11.95. One would expect that at that world famous price medium rare would actually be medium rare, but otherwise it was open-a-can-o-whoop-ass kick-ass. Half pound Buffalo patty and the regulars, tasty hand cut fries, and the pickles were obviously in-house made with tons of garlic and coriander. Win!

Ted's Montana Grill
7301 S. Santa Fe Drive, Suite 610
Littleton, CO 80120

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