Wednesday, January 2, 2008

California: Gladstones (Malibu)

BurgerBlogger is coming back to town and plays this friday at the Goodfoot with DJ Mayday on their "Locash Bash Tour":

My homegirl Dj Mayday and I ended up at Gladstone's after coming from LAX. Gladsones's is in Malibu on the way back to Santa Barbara. and being that Dj Mayday is a Canadian (MTL) burgerslayer we decided to start off her Cali experience by going to Gladstone's for a well presented tasty hamburger.

The patty was hand built and rare, what made the burger was the bacon (not sure what kind it was but it wasn't just no regular bacon) plus I added swiss and cheddar. It's a must for the burgerblogger to have two. They call this the "Sunset Burger" and it was their only burger. We saw a seagull trying to eat a strand of xmas lights it was a great addition to the burger experience.

17300 Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Andy said...

Mr. Portland Hamburgler.

Do you supposed you could tag your posts by location, and offer that as a filter?

I am interested in PDX, but not Malibu for example.

Manny said...

i lohv hamburger

Anonymous said...

I agree with andy. Also, I've seen Dj Mayday spin recs at Elsie's bar in Santa Barbara before. Good style, great taste in music choices, + he's a really cool guy. We need more djs like you here in PDX. There are way too many butt-rocker-djs.

Hamburgler said...

Andy, you are right. We would love to do that, just need to figure out how. Maybe one day we will get our collective act together and get this transfered to the new

Guess we could easily make a link list with tags for out of area burgers.

Please note that a lot of folks (hamburglers that is) have been out of town and sending in lots of out of state/country burger p0rn.

Manny said...

i lohv lamp