Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tahiti: Brasserie Du Pacifique

Hamburgler gets a report from the most remote burger to date:

I'm going to para-phrase the notes passed along to me.

Not technically Tahiti proper, but the island of Moorea right next door (a bit bigger then Bora Bora). The burger there costs 1500 Pacific Franc's (about $18.50 US Dollars). Most of the food there was ok, and generally not that great. Sure its easy to find a $18.50 burger (with American cheese) in the states, but probably not with the surroundings.

That last thing there is a fish burger with American cheese (just thinking that cheese probably doesn't hold up to well in a tropical environment).

Brasserie Du Pacifique
Arue PK 4.7, BP 14175
98701 ARUE
00 689 54 50 54

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