Thursday, February 21, 2008

Texas: Grumps (Granbury)

AmericanCheese was on some kind of Pee Wee's Big Adventure sabbatical (that "Just Eat It" sign in the window is magic):

Grumps....It's in Granbury, TX. If you don't know where Granbury is, go to a map, find Fort Worth, and go SW. It has a lake. Apparently very scenic.

Anyway, burger. It's a Jr. Bacon cheeseburger in fact.. I know, that's the "jr". It's a really good burger. Bacon, very crisp, just the way we like it. $4.95 gets you the burger, fries, and roasted peanuts in the shell while you wait?

Wow, that's a deal.

They even serve "Frito" pie and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

3503 E. Highway 377
Granbury, TX 76049

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Anonymous said...

Best burger in Texas by far!!!