Friday, March 14, 2008

California: Tee Off (Santa Barbara)

BurgerBlogger aka has about a 1000 more burger options then us....just a lil' jealous:

This place is a must when visiting Santa Barbara, they're known for steaks and fried chicken. Being that i come here often I decided to go for the burger....

A general rule of mine: a burger from a steak house is most likely good, sadly this one was just ok. The patty and cheese just didn't mash together, it was too greasy (specially with the onion rings) and the bun was standard, but it looked good, especially as shown by Kenny and her rad outfit (when you come to taste the burgers stay at Kenny and Chris's place The Presidio Motel).

And when you go to the Tee-Off have their fried chicken it's much better then the burger.

3627 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 687-1616


BurgerBlogger said...

I forgot to bigup Jaya for letting me use her camera.

Salem Man said...

When I think of Santa Barbara, I think of the beautiful ocean, mountain, downtown and friendly people. They have the best fourth of july i've ever been to. Now I have to go back there for the burgers.