Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mexico: El Paraiso Beach Club (Tulum)

Whataburger! (aka Lelo In Nopo) has a Hamburguesas warning:

Trust me, you don't want this one. Especially since it was over $10 US dollars, yet consisted of two patties of that pressed-together-meat. Blecht. And the "wild mushrooms"? I'd say they wildly jumped out of a can. However, the view kicked ass. And the fact that it was then followed by a nap on the beach bed. The strawberry margarita made things all better.

El Paraiso Beach Club- Tulum Beach
Tulum, Mexico
Hamburger with cheese and wild mushrooms, $10


She also notes that your can get a burger at the Mayan ruins as well:

Maya Burger! Seen in Tulum, Mexico, at the entrance/exit to the sacred and ancient site of Mayan ruins. I'm certainly grateful for the Spanish to English translation. How would I know what a baguette is? Or fajitas? Or sandwich?

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