Wednesday, May 14, 2008

California: Jake's (Santa Barbara)

BurgerBlogger and BurgerHoover probably don't care that Rick Rubin is courting Portland's new hot s**t band. Mystery photos:

Señorita Burgerhoover and I went to Jakes in Santa Barbara. We frequent this place for breakfast (just image if The Delta Cafe served breakfast, maybe they do. do they?).

So one late afternoon we closed Jakes down with a burger. We knew the burger would be good since the grits, hush puppies, chicken fried steak, and bisquits are. But, our expectations were surpassed. The burger was super dope. Good patty flavor, perfect onions, good presentation, and you have to order it with cole slaw and bacon grits, This sounds like a heart attack, but it's surprisingly lean, the grits aren't greasy they are perfect same with the burger. Add this location to your must do when in Santa Barbara.

P.S. I liked Burgerhoover's sweater and nails better then the burger tho.

Jake's Cafe
2911 De La Vina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Manny said...

Does Ricky Rubin like mexican djs that are from Portland?¿

winner said...

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