Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Pig

The Human Cy-Burger returns:

I'm revealing my favorite burger spot.

They have a great breakfast/lunch menu, and are open 8am-3pm 7 days a week.

Seriously, $2.50 mimosas.....

I went for the $9.95 Build your own burger deal. Handmade burger patty with your choice of 26 toppings (always expanding). Come's with a choice of soup, salad, fires, onion rings or fruit on the side, plus bonus pickle.

I went for the following:
Cheddar, Pepperjack, Bacon, egg (prepared you choice. I wanna see someone try scrambled), lettuce, tomato, green chilies, onion rings, jalapenos and chipotle mayo. Check out the other possibilities on the menu.

New Hamburgler Capt. Bovine went for the plain ol' burger with only cheddar and ketchup for &7.95. Some side shot comparisons are included. I think you can tell which one is mine. Also bonus grill shot of head chef Michael Garofalo.

Blue Pig Cafe
5026 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97206


raininspain said...

I went there on 3/5 with my son. We had the burgers with cheese. It was great and the Rueben sandwiches we saw looked outstanding. Very nice staff. Its very informal but pleasant evironment. Great Breakfast dishes.

Ron and Josh

LizCrain said...

I wonder if anyone has ever ordered all the toppings at once. Wouldn't be very nice -- to Blue Pig or to your stomach but I wonder...

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this info and the pics. I had forgotten the name of this joint, and had been dying to try it. Now I will!

I seriously appreciate this review.

Kimberly nut said...

The Blue Pig is an excellent breakfast and lunch spot. The service is always friendly and polite. This place is a great compromise between foo-foo and traditional. They have the best potatoes, french fries and bacon anyway. I've had great eggs and omelets here as well. The only thing I will was better was the coffee. It's not bad, but if it were really good. The service was outstanding. I found my food to be above average at best. I'll go a few more times to see if I find a homerun but, I'm not counting on anything spectacular. I love them so...please go and eat there. thanks for the wonderful entry.