Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Burger Skills: Hamburgers VS Art

BurgerBlogger and BurgerHoover took a picutre of a burger:

So we were asked to enter this small group art show, Burgerhoover and I turned in a series of pictures with one common thread, a fun abstract layout and color.... I wont bore you with the concept and our definition. One of the photos is a letterbox shaped picture that measures 28"x15". The subject is one of interest to us, BURGERS shot in Burgerhoover's straight shot front flash style.

The local paper did a review of the Show put on by Venae Rivera from Santa Barbara (you can see her art in May at a group show here www.pdxfinegrind.com) they liked the burger shot, who doesn't right? Here's what they said about it "...and photography duo Manny and Kendall offer the viewer stark, off-kilter portraits of the mundane, capturing the essence of the a summers day with "FUN", a portrait of an inner tube floating on above swimming pool, and "MINE" a straight shot of a cheese burger with fires on a dinner plate."

So there you go burgers make a good meal and good art for your walls. If you're in Santa Barbara check the show at:

508 E Haley St
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) 966-9328

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