Thursday, April 2, 2009

Palm Springs: ACE Hotel / King's Highway

BurgerBlogger and BurgerHoover like to document their burgers (just imagine how many pictures they would have if they had a kid?):

Burgerhoover and I were told about the ACE hotel in Palm Springs by our homegirl Connie W. we had to check the burger from it's restaurant "King's Highway".

We had the Amigo Burger, a handmade Burger with Tillamook cheese and the tastiest bun..BUT what made it the best is the grilled tomato and how fresh everything looked and tasted ,like the lettuce and the sprinkles of parsley on the garlic fries.

Another really really good addition to the menagerie of southwest flavors were the pickled onions, I remember these onions from mexican dishes my mom makes. These tasted like they were cured in lime juice which gave the burger that extra fresh zippy zing. They were perfect with the burger...

We rate the Amigo burger very highly. As well as the experience at the Ace hotel (and swim club) probably the hippest place to be in Palm Springs, so full of details that require a different post.

We'll be staying there again.. So if you are going to Coachella this year this will be the place to stay, if not for the choice of pools, the BIG BOY size mini bar, private fire place or burger then stay for the taste of home in the hungover mornings. STUMPTOWN COFFEE served in a french press and all.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs
701 E. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92264


Kendall said...
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Kendall said...

WE ARE HAVIN A BABY!!!!!Burger Blogger and Burger Hoover are having a little girl in 5 weeks :)

Scott R. Kline said...

If you are still in Palm Springs try Tyler's. My favorite burger anywhere. SRK - HoosierBurgerBoy