Monday, May 11, 2009

Burger Skills: Hamburgers VS Sneakers

Burgerblogger let us know this will brighten up your day after the NYT calls your neighborhood "funky" (hope that stops soon before someone gets too "jazzed up" and has to "cool their jets"). Anywho, sneakers and burger collaborations are so hot right now:

Japanese sneaker retailer GETTRY looks to an unlikely inspiration for their latest collaboration with Asics. The Procourt AR high-top takes on food properties as a hamburger serves as the theme with the two main colors slated as “Burger Brown” and “Cheese Yellow”. The multi-colored shoe also includes a combination upper including patent, leather and perforated leather. To top it all off, the insole includes a photo of french fries.

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Jenny said...

I am so excited to have just discovered your blog- I also love burgers and find myself testing them all over town. The Slow Burger continues to win... but I sure do love Pause...