Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burger Skills: Hamburgers that pay you!

Bur-Geek writes in:

Took a fancy-shmancy cruise up to Alaska with the wifey recently, and guess what I found on the ship? Well, some REALLY TERRIBLE BURGERS! I mean, they were disgusting! Pre-cooked patties just heated up for about 30 seconds after you ordered them. A big disappointment! But... wandering though the ship's casino, what else did we find? A BURGER-THEMED SLOT! I about laughed my butt off and ran back to our stateroom to grab the camera. I had to document this! And NO, I didn't play it. It looked way too complicated!

In all fairness this machine should be rigged so a Hamburgler always wins!


rhinestone neckbrace said...

i guess all the burger joints have been reviewed??

Shawn said...

Not sure if this will get read by those who eat the burgers and review them but I have 2 places. One is Dairy Queen in Hillsboro its om the main road Baseline I think. Its tottaly different than any other Dairy Queen. The other is Scottys burgers in Forest Grove another awsome spot.