Friday, July 31, 2009

Japan: Mos Burger (Tokyo)

Hamburgler writes in with the first stop in his Japan adventure:

Hey hamburger, Come-here-che-wa.  You could use a break from stuffing your face with delicious cream-filled spongy cake treats and get some food.  

At first you think you ordered wrong (or pointed at the wrong thing) cause the Mos Burger looks like a Bon Jovi sized sausage patty from McDonalds, but makes up for it with interestingly folded lettuce, gobs of mayo, and a teriyaki style sauce.  The french fries are great, and the cola comes with mini-cubes for maximum ice exposure. It's 710 yen (thats about 8.00 USD right now).

You can even get in your private air-conditioned smoking room, eat beef, and drink at the same time. I'm free again.  

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