Thursday, July 16, 2009

Texas: Culvers (McKinney/Dallas)

PDX Gwailo keeps going like a man obsessed (aren't we all?)

I wrote about wishing I could hit a Culver’s a couple weeks ago. Got my chance this week in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas within spitting distance of Oklahoma.

The sign outside of Culver’s says “Home of the Butterburger”, but the butter has nothing to do with the patty, but rather the fact they butter the buns, before toasting them. I don’t know whether it actually makes a difference or not, but the holy two B’s (butter and bacon) make anything better for me.

Culver’s is also known for fresh custard, whatever that is, sounds too healthy for me, and, being a Wisconsin based chain, are in the unique position to offer a side of deep-fried cheese curds.

Hand-formed patty, cooked to order, bakery buns, hot fried cheese curds and a butter burger? Heaven on a sliver of wax paper.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, you need to find frozen custard and you need to find it's a rural thang...sort of like the richest ice cream you've ever had...consistency thicker than soft serve (think it comes out of that kind of machine) and very vanilla-y. Yum, drool. I don't know if this place has decent custard but if they're from Wisconsin...chances are a resounding YES. Gypsybaker