Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fresh Grill

New Hamburgler Brutus the Burger Beefcake writes in on a new entry to the "Strip Mall Burger" Phenomenon:

Fresh Grill is a little known burger destination hidden in a Beaverton strip mall. They claim to have "The American Dream Meal", which must be some kind of food philosophy because it isn't anywhere on the menu, or I totally would have ordered it.

Here's The Blue Moon burger. For $6.50 you get a quarter pound of fresh ground Angus beef, super crispy bacon, and an impressive spread of blue cheese. An extra buck-fifty will upgrade to a half pound burger. Might as well get the fries and coke too. You get the choice of regular french fries or their waffle fries, and be sure to ask for the fry sauce (not as good as old school Arctic Circle fry sauce, but really what is). Sadly, no pickle. But bonus points for the meat juices that ran down my arms and threatened the integrity of my sweatshirt.

Fresh Grill
Daily 11AM-8PM
16300 SW Hart Road,
Beaverton OR 97007
503) 591-5719
Fax An Order: (503) 591-5715
Email: business@fresh-grill.com

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cruisecellar said...

I have enjoyed the Fresh Grill! I have stuck to the standard cheeseburger. I found the toppings to always be fresh and the service to be friendly and attentive. It is a small operation so they have to work their way through rushes but the wait has never been annoying. Nice to get a burger freshly prepared that tasted like it might just be good for you!