Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tabor Food Cart

I am really beginning to like PDX Gwailo's Philosophy on Hamburgers:
(edit: I see some are criticizing this comment. Hey, it's a personal opinion, let's all get along and share our burger love!)

Hey, in my mind, if it’s cooked meat in a bun, it’s a burger.

Being as it was “National Schnitzel Day,” I went for the Schnitzelburger, ok, they call it a SchnitzelWICH, but it’s cooked meat in a bun, so it’s a burger to me.

A lightly fried (HUGE) breaded pork cutlet, on a ciabatta with generous toppings of lettuce, a unique paprika spread, sauteed onions and horseradish. Usually I order my sandwiches plain, so I can see what the meat of the matter tastes like, but today I went with it loaded up the way they sell it. And it was grand.

It was almost 11AM and the lines were already starting to form at the hunk of food carts that sits between Stark and Oak, so I am glad I was early, the first customer at Tabor, and the wich was cooked to order.

Tabor Food Cart
5th and Stark


Anonymous said...

The paprika spread is not unique. It is ajvar [roughly, 'eye-vaar'], a blend of roasted eggplant, peppers and garlic, and is available at any number of markets around town (e.g. Taste of Europe (SE), Barbur World Foods (SW), Zupan's (V), etc.).

And the onions are caramelized, not sauteed. The former is the product, the latter the process.

pattydaddy said...

You can believe slugs are a master race from mars if you want, but I'm telling you, this is not a hamburger. No matter how tasty it is, it's not a hamburger. This blog has lost it's way.

John said...

If you haven't tried the Schnitzelwich, you are really missing out. It is simply too good to ignore. Hell, I'd blog about it on a vegetarian website! It's an enchanting taste that transcends patty partisanship. I wish Karel and Monica at Tabor would open a sandwich shop.