Thursday, February 28, 2008


UPDATE: 2/28/08

BurgerMeister and the Hamburgler:

BurgerMeister's thing is Gardenburgers with bacon (there is a theory being worked on about this).

The Goodfoot has one of the better bar burgers in town. Fresh fixin's, solid Angus beef, and a quality price of $5.50 (fries are an extra $1.00, and extra toppings are $0.50 a pop).

Them there homemade deep fried cheese mixed with jalapeno sticks will put your colon into a delicious hibernation as well.


This is definitely one of the finer bar burgers in town. In fact I will be back just to get another one (the garganzola and bacon has been highly recommended). I went with the cheeseburger. Perfect. The bun was buttered and placed on the grill top, the condiments were all fresh, the cheese was cheddar, and the burger plump. The fries have a great seasoning too. Well worth the $7.50. Bonus pickle.

2845 Se Stark St
Portland, OR 97214

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Manolo said...

this is the ish,,, it's nice right before getting your grove on down in the basement to some funky hamburger work out music.