Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slow Bar: UPDATED 04.15.08

UPDATE: 04.15.08

Hey, we all know it's time to pay the man, but you really can't stop eating the burger version of architect fish n chips. PattyDaddy and and one of our best photographers HambaghaStakee can't stop:

Bloody Mary with tomato infused vodka was AWESOME! And the burgers... (Slow top, Winter bottom)... just like everyone else says except they forgot to say HOLY FREAKIN' COW these are good. Man. About the best anyone could ever hope for in a hamburger. Really. This is it. This is what it's all about. It's beyond words. Go to Slow Bar and eat and drink. Go there now. Eat and drink. It's so good. So good... t's genius. Honestly. Go there. God it's good.

Cooked to order still only $9 each. Bloody $6.50. Plan on a big tip 'cause it's worth it.

UPDATE: 03.23.08

Folks can't get enough of this burger:
Burgermeister and PattyPusher had an awesome Saturday afternoon burgering date.

Burgermeister decided on the never disappointing Slowburger, which is a towering monster hell-bent on intimidation: Onion rings, Gueyure cheese, and cherry tomato relish. Burgermeister isn't afraid (once again, Strawberry Mountain Beef. Delicious.)

Pattypusher opted for the less daunting, yet brilliantly crafted Winter Slowburger: Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Panchetta, and the Tomato Relish. PattyPusher had this to say: "Cherry tomato relish has succeeded in being what ketchup wishes it was".

Please note the bloody mary, it's heavenly.


UPDATE: 11.20.07

The Slow Bar has become a Portland Hamburgers favorite. WhopperChomper and ToastedBun give us their take:
WhopperChomper & ToastedBun stopped by Slowbar on a slow Sunday night to watch some football and eat red-meat... Like any good American should.

ToastedBun went with the Slowburger, $9...Good to great burger & fixins. Bun got soggy toward the end which made consuming that last 1/8 lb fairly difficult. Sadly, the fries were lukewarm.

WhopperChomper had the Winter Slowburger, $9. 1/2 lb strawberry mountain natural beef, rogue creamery oregon blue cheese, grilled pancetta, cherry tomato relish. The burger rocked as always, and I particularly like the cherry tomato relish which adds a delicate touch to a not-so-delicate burger. My fries were also lukewarm & the ketchup was ICE cold. Cold ketchup is a weird complaint, but I'm very particular and it’s not good when your fries aren’t hot.


UPDATE: 11.9.07

DJ Izm gives us a taste of his favorite burger in town.

He also has a taste of his trade. From Uffie to Soul II Soul, to some updated version of the Percolator mashed with The Crystals "Then He Kissed Me". Yep, he has a mix you can download: LINK
The Slow Bar burger is my favorite. $9 (extra w bacon), 1/2 pound Strawberry Mountain beef, lettuce, tomato, Gruyere cheese, and two Onion Rings on a perfect sesame seed bun. Served with either fries or salad.

Also available and really good the Slow Bar Winter Burger

1/2 pound Strawberry Mt beef, lettuce, tomato, pancetta, blue cheese, and a tomato relish, on a perfect sesame seed bun. Served with either fries or salad.


POST: 8.28.07

Everyone told Hamburgler he should go there, and off he went:
Best $9.45 the Hamburgler has spent in a long time (usually a penny pincher when it comes to burger, but I will be handing them my dollars over and over again.) The "Slowburger" was perfect, juicy, and delicious.

This 1/2 lb. slab of ground beef from Strawberry Mountain, gruyere, onion rings, butter lettuce, pickle relish is unstoppable.

Slow Bar
533 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 230-7767


Manolo said...

DAAANG. it's on. this one looks propa, thanks for the recommendation mr pdx hamburgler, i'm a have to go there next time i'm in PDX.

Lou Grant Parent said...

I love burgers and i love this idea!!!!

The Anxietyist said...
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Lizzy Caston said...

I used to go to the Slow Bar for their burger at happy hour and it was way less than $9.50

Also, the Doug Fir has a $2.50 cheese burger at happy hour. It's been over a year but I remember it being quite good as well.

The Guilty Carnivore said...

Love the Slow Bar burger. It is really sinful.

I like their fries too. Fresh cut yet crispy.

Anonymous said...

This shit is like vintage Nikes circa 1995. Yeah, they're good. But too much hype.

Live a little, get out of your SE portland fixgear bike style which apparently only lets you travel north on Grand Ave between Hawthorne and Burnside.

I mean if you're going that way, you might as well stop at Michaels.

I wish Slow Bar was open.

Faye fly said...

make me so hungry !!! :( damn love burgers !!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I tried this place last night and I was very dissapointed inthe final product.

First off, the tomato relish is not very good, nor is the special sauce. The burger itself is quite good but the sauce just over powers the flavor of the beef and ruins the taste of it. I think people are missing the point that a great burger is what is more important. If the two sauces take over then you might as well eat fast food since you can't taste the meat there either.

Also, a what a total smoke filled bar. Even the bar staff were smoking. That's just nasty and ruins the taste of whatever you eat.

... and finally, well, they don't call it slow bar for nothing. Some of the slowest service I have ever seen. I had to ask 3 times for my check before they brought it over. Trust me, as frustrated as I was I didn't give them a hint of how disappointed I was. There was no reason the service should have been that bad.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Slow Bar tonight and it was AWESOME! Winter Slow Burger was perfection on a plate ($9), and an ice bucket with 5 bottles of Session ($10) made for a wonderful early evening. The Slow Bar... it's hip, sexy, cool, and everyone is welcome. Thank you Portland!

Nathan Hazard said...

I used to live in Portland and this was by FAR my favorite burger in town. If ever in Eugene, grab an afternoon burger at Marche; the Slow Bar chef's alma mater! Damn fine too. You won't be sorry...