Monday, October 8, 2007

Beulahland UPDATE

UPDATED: 10/8/2007

Special Sauce, Snacks and Pic Wic have a return visit to Beulahland to get a handle on their vegiburger action.

We went to Beulahland for their Wednesday cheap burger night. From 6pm until the kitchen closes veggie burgers are $4 and meat are $3.

Special Sauce and Snacks went for the homemade veggie burgers(not vegan) one with cheese for and extra $0.50 and one without. This is one of our favorite veggie burgers in town though it can be a bit crumbly at times.

Snacks was disturbed by the brown mustard in the yellow mustard squeeze bottle. "It's like finding special sauce in the ketchup bottle". He was also saddened by the lack of weapon with this burger.

Pic Wic went for the Bacon Cheese burger. All burgers come with chips and not only a bonus side pickle but pickles on the burger too. And yes we were playing cribbage while snacking.


The "Hamburginator" chimes in after a recent stop at Beulahland with this tasty burger. I've experienced this one as well. Its not bad at all, but I always wish I had French Fries with it (I'll save the whining though...It's like complaining about a bar being smokey...kind of makes you look like an ass). Bonus Pickle!

118 NE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232

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