Friday, December 21, 2007

Cafe Castagna: UPDATED 12.21.07

UPDATE: 12.21.07

Burgermeister and BurgerPolicy revisit one the top dogs in town:

These burgers are like butter.



Delicious hamburger action. "Hamburgler" and "Pickles & Ammo" participate in burger consumption at Cafe Castagna. This place is so clean that you think it might not be any good, but the theory doesn't hold. This burger holds up to its reputation.

Hamburger and fries starts at $11.00. Add cheese and bacon for a $1.00 each.

Special Bonus Pickle!

Cafe Castagna
1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214


Manolo said...


mike is a quite the swell fella

Manolo said...


the fotos are niiice

Kent said...


Kent said...

I meant to say that my buddy and I are hitting one restaurant a month in search of the best burger in town. We started with Castagna's and had high expectations. I have to say it was a terribly disappointing experience. While the photos represent the picture-perfect burgers, and the ingredients are most likely top shelf, the taste didn't reflect it. The bun was dry, the meat over cooked and way over-salted and the fries were overly crunchy. All in all, I'm guessing we hit an off day, but I would put them towards the bottom of my gourmet burger list.