Sunday, September 23, 2007


Continuing tour of Mexican restuarant Hamburguesa's.

I don't know how much longer or how many more Hamburguesa's there are out there in Portland. Lets hope not many. "Burgermeister" tackled this thing an hour after it had been sitting about. Hope she is ok.

Javier's Taco Shop
121 N. Lombard
Portland, OR


Anonymous said...

Javier's is probably the nastiest restaurant in North Portland. Never had the burger though. But it can't be good, considering the mexican food.

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree more about Javiers. Never had a BURGER there because you know, it's a mexican restaurant. Their fish burrito and fish tacos are amazingly good.

My only complaint about Javiers is that it's pricey compared to most Portland burrito joints, but I think the quality makes up for that.

Chai said...

Javier's is really cheap (I am a homeless teen, I live cheap)! they offer a range of different burritos for 3.99 and their quite massive. I personally avoid the carne asada, too much fat not enough steak. But the fish taco for 2.00 dollars is cheap and really tasty not to mention they have a complimentary salsa bar with the works, and the coca-cola they dispense has a better flavor than most places, i dont know why...