Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Maiden (formerly Maiden In The Mist)

A couple Portland Hamburglers meet up in search of sliders and ended up at The Maiden. Well, as it happens our own "PattyPusher" was up on the grill (not much of a surprise) exclaiming "photo time in the kitchen....I make sexy." [ Who gets you hot kitchen burger action....Portland Hamburglers..thats who ]

The Maiden has three burger configurations that come with chips or salad (no fries).

"Burgertime" "SpecialSauce" and the "Hamburgler" went with the sliders. These were great. Carmilized onions and cheddar dressed at $6.00/per 3 (or $4.00/per 3 at happy hours 3 to 6pm and 12 to 2am).

"HoldEverything" went with the Maiden Burger for $8.00. Chevre, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and natural beef sounded like a good way to top off a 45 mile bike ride.

They also have a cheeseburger for $7.00 and happy hour bucket of 5 Millers for $5.00 (full bar too).

Bonus Pickle!

The Maiden
639 SE Morrison
Portland, OR 97214

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