Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muu Muu's

UPDATE: 3/20/08

Our first burger up diorama's (think about it):

WhopperChomper, BunsOfGlory & Sir Burgers A Lot duck into Muu Muu's after a little St. Paddy's Day revelry to soak up the beer with a little Muu Muu burger action ($6).

Luckily, Muu Muu's puts their fries right in the burger so you don't even have to debate whether or not to get fries on the side! The result is starchy, carb-ey goodness. That special mayo or spiced ketchup or whatever it is they put on there really makes the Muu Muu burger a tasty delight. Note to the owners of Muu Muu's – with such a perfectly packaged burger/fry combination that's suitable for walking around with, WhopperChomper suggests opening a window on the street for to-go orders.




Don't let those images fool you. Thats a burger. Non-traditional, but a burger none-the-less. Its been cut in half and spread out on that roll.

As you might of noticed there are fries in that burger. Yep, it makes for quite a calorie explosion. American cheese as well. What really makes this thing shine is the roll that has been grilled, some kind of spiced mayo, and what I think is white pepper.

It's different, it's delicious, and it's $6.00.

Muu Muu's
612 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97209


Anonymous said...

this burger has no time for vegetables and possibly no TIME FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

what does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

Wow lovely burgers...... too love burgers at Blimpie.

Anonymous said...

they really do have the best burgers... was going online to see if I could find the menu... I'm thinking about their calamari too ;^) or just get them both.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but this place scares me. People always stare at me--in a weird way--when I walk by. Anyone else get that? I might just have to make someone go get me a burger-roll tomorrow, though. mmmmm, intern-bough burger-roll.

Anonymous said...

The service is terrible and the mediocre hamburger doesn't compensate for rude wait staff.

I witnessed an awful incident between a quite and innocent patron and a nasty waitress last week because the patron's date left the waitress a tip that she didn't like. The waitress literally chased the innocent girl out of the bar.

I will never go back there and neither should you.