Friday, April 10, 2009

Pause: UPDATED 04.10.09

UPDATED: 04.10.09

She wants to be known as BurgerBooty and we will oblige.

I’d just about had my fill of grey wet bone-chilling weekends so this Sunday afternoon I decided to be pro-active about “beefing” up my cheer. I got out my newly compiled Portland Hamburger Wish List and headed out to Pause on Interstate to check off my first PH goal. In the relative quiet of late afternoon, I got comfy at the bar and ordered up their near perfect “Everyday Special” – two sliders, one blue cheese and bacon and the other Tillamook cheddar with a lovely dab of special sauce, fries and a pint of Stone Brewing Company (San Diego) ale or soda all for a mere $7. The beef is amazing. As listed in earlier postings, Pause grinds their own beef daily. And it’s juicy flavorful Strawberry Mountain aged chuck. The plump little 2 oz. sliders were a beautiful medium rare and drippin’ pink juices on my plate - which I eagerly sopped up with soft fresh bun. Yum. Fries are wonderful, hand cut, lots of good potato, nicely crisped and accented with just the right amount of crunchy salt. Homemade pickles and pickled onion garnish add a warm homemade touch. No photo of my meal, I devoured it on the spot. But here’s a photo of my friend’s ½ lb. bacon cheeseburger which was more than I could handle on a Sunday afternoon.

Gotta say it. Before I made it to the second burger on my PH Wish List, I had to go back for a repeat yesterday. It was every bit as luscious as I remembered. They were having trouble keeping Stone on tap, so subbing Lagunitas IPA which is a bit hoppy for my taste. So, I savored my Everyday Special with an lovely glass of Ninkasi Spring Reign (not included in the $7 price). The Pause that really refreshes!

UPDATED: 01.21.09

PattyDaddy likes:

Lunch today was delicious! I hit Pause at least twice a month. Best burger I've found North of Burnside. They still grind their own beef and serve it with a smile. Juicy, flavorful, and still only $8 with very good fries. You can tell this burger is made by someone who cares. Bottomless lemonade was $2.50.

UPDATED: 11.22.07

Burgers, softening up your favorite social lubricant:
WhopperChomper & ToastedBun attempt to counter the effects of a full day of wine tasting with a stop at Pause before the winery trek begins.

WhopperChomper went the traditional route 1/2 lb burger with all the trimmings & Tillamook Cheddar ($8). Massive burger, massive flavor. Glad I went with the big burger, I was able to keep partying well into the night after the wine tasting trip... ToastedBun ate the sliders & didn’t fare so well.

ToastedBun opted for the 2 sliders ($5) with a side of fries (. “The sliders came with a special sauce that was quite tasty!”

Sadly, that didn’t prove to be enough to defend ToastedBun’s full-day onslaught of wine tasting. If you’re going to drink all day, get the regular burger. If you’re only going to drink for part of the day, you’ll be fine with the sliders. :)



"Hamburgler" and "RarePattie" found some delicious hamburgers at Pause in North Portland (that pic might just find its way to Girl's Eating Sandwiches)

"RarePattie" went straight for the gut, a 1/2 pounder with Bacon and Blue Cheese for $10.00. The "Hamburgler" had the "Everyday Special" which was two sliders, one cheddar, one bacon-blue cheese, fries, and a beer for $7.00. Happy stomachs.

The fries were especially good as well. Special Bonus Pickle! (some mustard infused pickle I think like at Castagna).

5101 N. Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217


Anonymous said...

wow. serious bizness

Anonymous said...

that was one of THE rarest burgers, and it didn't even leave me bleeding on the inside. delicious. thanks Hamburgler! my heart needs more burgers soon.

Manolo said...

can i use this "Burgers, softening up your favorite social lubricant:"

PatriCa BB said...

Is thoese places in Portland? Not only the food there, Portland, the place, from your pictures looks serene, to me... I hope I can visit there one day...

Btw, the burgers look so yummy... :p

JeLLyPiG said...

Mmmmm Pause Sliders!!!

It's best Pre-Rose City Rollers Bout night meal and those pickles are the bomb. I have been told they are pickled zucchini. They add some wicked tang to those tasty little devil burgers.

mb said...

PAUSE is the s***!!! My office (almost) never fails to visit for lunch each week. MOST excellent burgers and if you ever need an alternative without straying from beefy wonderfullness - their smoked corned beef reuben is a creation the likes of which I have found no equal. Take you pick of libations - mine is generally the Red Menace Amber

Chai said...

I visited pause today and ordered their 1/2 pound burger with bacon and blue cheese. comes loaded with red onions, excellent sliced pickles, crispy bacon, toasted bun, romaine lettuce, blue cheese, tomatoes. eaten with ranch it only gets better.

I wish they had a larger variety of burgers, and alternative choices for buns.