Thursday, September 20, 2007


"Hamburgler" and "Burgermeister" (which we believe means "Mayor" in German) go to this easily missed burger joint (unless you are getting something powder-coated up on Columbia).

"Burgermeister" had a bacon cheese-burger (american cheese). She noted:

Its like eating late at night at an A&W in the midwest.

Sure.....except this was a 11:00 am breakfast burger.

"Hamburgler" went with the sliders at $1.50 a pop, and some fries. Those fries were greasy delicious! I'm not sure at which point a slider turns into a small burger? These seemed about the size of a McDonalds burger.

1760 NE Lombard Pl.
Portland, OR 97211


Anonymous said...

Okay, now, come on. Are there hamburgers and fries you guys DON'T LIKE? I mean, those are some of the worst burgers and fries I've seen on your site so far and you STILL like them.

Unknown said...

We are not sure at what point it says we like the burgers?...except for the delicious greasy fries.

I would think that "easily missed" kind of sums it up.

C said...

Roake's has excellent greasy greasy fries well cooked with skins. There's another one on 99 just N of the Clackamas Bridge.

Best fries in Portland are at Michael's.

Karen said...

I love, love, love Roakes. The one on McLoughlin is my favorite, in the junky original trailer. Always a line! Get the footlong coney dog with onion and cheese! My kids' grandma went there when she was a teenager, so kind of a tradition.

Karen said...

PS I've looked for YEARS for a recipe that would resemble their coney sauce, mmmm.