Sunday, September 2, 2007


Slabtown seems to be having a resurgence since new ownership earlier this year. Lots of bands all the time and a good line-up for next weeks NW Music Fest. The Timbers Army seems to be invading this place as well to watch away games on the big screen.

Their hamburger is pretty damn good, and at the right price. The happy hour burger seen above comes in at a whopping $3.00 (happy hour is 3 to 7pm everyday). Its a straight up burger, handmade with diced onion mixed in. You can add cheese, bacon, egg, as well. Fries are extra, but who is to complain about a $3.00 burger.

PS: It comes on the grill top (thats right, kitchen action photos!)

Check them out: Slabtown or on MySpace

1033 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209


Manolo said...

that burger looks handmade, a bit lumpy, i lohv it

Anonymous said...

Those red onions are just way too big. Plus slab town is gross. Isn't on it's like 173rd owner?