Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Blaze Flame Broiled Burgers

It cost a couple bucks to enter their massive dining area, but they have multiple locations always within walking distance and a couple really large tv's to keep you entertained.

Pickles & Ammo and Hamburgler had to see what that burger is all about. To say that it is "flame broiled" is an understatment. This hockey puck comes in at $5.50, or $7.50 for about 15 french fries. The extra charred flavoring alarmed Pickles & Ammo and he had this reflection while loitering on the smoking mezzanine:

Its pretty smokey out here, but I think my cancer is going to come from those charred carcinogens I'm digesting

Do you think there is a construction guide in the back to make this thing? At least the cheese is cold so you know it has been stored properly (ok.....we all know what the out come would be, lets leave it be already).

Well at least they have beer to wash it down. It's $8.00. Tip them a dollar and watch what happens though.

The Blaze
1 Center Court
Portland, OR 97227

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