Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oaks Bottom Public House

Apparently you can't stop CondimentSpreader from eating all the hamburgers in Sellwood.

Right at the intersection of Milwaukie Ave. and Bybee in Sellwood, you'll find the Oaks Bottom Public House.

Not really a pub, but more of a grill with a ton of local beers. Their menu offers six burger options,(basic, with cheese, bacon) and then a few gourmet twists. Having had tried their Jalapeno burger previously, and being pretty happy with it, this time around i stepped to the 1/2 pound chevre burg.

I wasn't given the option of how I wanted it cooked, and I would have enjoyed it a bit rarer, but the sheer amount of amazing chevre cheese piled high really negated any other areas I could find fault. It was a pretty damn fine sando. Recommended.

Also of note was the option to accompany any burger with what I found to be the best tots i've tasted in a long time.

PS: Try some of the Ninkasi brews from eugene.

Oaks Bottom Public House
1621 SE Bybee
Portland, OR 97202


Captain Shane said...
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Andy said...

If later in the evening mid-week, the chef really serves up the greens if you substitute the tots for a side salad.