Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pala Lounge

The BurgerBaron (not pictured) and friend go to Pala for burgers that aren't quite big enough for someone of his title.

They have a 1/2 pound Kobe Beef Burger there for $10.00? As far as I can tell this is a club (unaware there was still places with house music...hey, what do we know?) in the "Old Town date rape district".

These are two micro burgers from PALA on the happy hour menu for only $3, I think you are supposed to buy a drink too. I think it's well worth the money although I could probably eat about 6 of these things. Yummy burgers leaving me wanting more. I think they serve them until 10:45 or was it 9:45?

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Pala Lounge
105 NW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

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