Thursday, June 19, 2008

Produce Row

UPDATE: 6/19/08

BunsOfGlory keeps us moving:

Had a very good taste to it... good amount of lettuce, ketchup & mayo on it already, really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend it (that's right, finally not hatin' on a burger!).



Pickles & Ammo and Hamburgler conduct important burger business while on lunch.

Pickles & Ammo went with the first burger up there. "The Roundtripper" is a 1/2 pounder of Painted Hills Natural Beef on a Ciabatta bun. He had "deluxe" which adds grilled onions, mushrooms, and bacon or canadian bacon (our Northern pork featured in the picture). Opted to go with the chips at $8.50. He had a hard time holding onto this thing and theorized that it had:
..just a little too much lube..

Hamburgler had a "Produce Row Burger" with the "deluxe" option as well. Pretty straight up burgering here, but served on a hoagie roll. Took it down for $7.75 with fries.

Produce Row
204 SE Oak St.
Portland, OR 97214

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