Sunday, November 18, 2007

Burger Skills: Hamburger Slang

There is a lot of slang out there about hamburgers and from time to time we will update this list. If you come across any hamburger related slang let us know.

Following is a listing of hamburger and related slang (barring the obvious):

$100 Hamburger: Aviation slang for a private general aviation flight for the sole purpose of dining at a non-local airport. Most often used by pilots who are looking for any excuse to fly, a $100 hamburger trip usually involves flying a short distance (less than two hours), eating at an airport restaurant, and flying home. "$100" originally referred to the approximate cost of renting or operating a light general aviation aircraft, such as a Cessna 172, for the time it took to fly round-trip to a nearby airport. Increasing fuel prices have since caused an increase in hourly operating costs for most airplanes, whether rented or owned.

American Chop Suey: Macoroni with hamburger and a bit of tomato sauce.

Bap: soft, flattish bread roll; hamburger bun.

Burger: What they say on the Cosby show for a fine lookin' lady.

Burger: Bicycle crash.

Burn One: Put a hamburger on the grill.

Burn One, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it: Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

California Style: Toppings of Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and sauces.

Damper: Australian for "bun" (at least according to Tittsworth)

Fat Hamburger: Slang term meaning "American". Originates from Korea.

Hamburger(s): MDMA (Ecstacy)

Hamburger-a-gogo land: A slang word for America

Hamburger Eyes: On February 14th of 2001, Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine was created. It was an attempt to answer questions about the dynamic relationship between males and females.   The term "hamburger eyes" was slang we used to describe the look you had when you found someone you liked, "Dude, you should go talk to that girl, she's giving you hamburger eyes."  

Hamburger Helper: Crack

Hockey Puck: A Hamburger, well done

Itchy Ring: Cockney slang for Burger King: "I right fancy an Itchy Ring."

Rabble Rabble: An expression of being, often in connection with the theft of hamburger goodness.

Two Cows, make them cry: Two hamburgers with onions.


Alain said...

Cockney slang

Itchy Ring - Burger King

"I right fancy an Itchy Ring"

Anonymous said...

I read a moment ago that Burgermeister likes garden burgers with bacon. I like them like that too. I've taken to calling it the "Garden of Sin". I also like to add an avacado on it. No name for that yet. Maybe someone can help...

-Drunkstore Cow Boy