Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Club 21

UPDATE: 3/4/08

Burgermeister and BeefJake:

Burgermeister had an afternoon burger attack and went with BeefJake back to Club 21.

BeefJake had the regular cheeseburger and it must have been delicious because it was gone before Burgermeister could snap a photo.

Burgermeister had the bacon cheese with everything on it, which includes Thousand Island dressing. Yum. The burger dripped all over the fries, which is always a good sign.

There's also a great selection of smooth jams for a smooth Saturday afternoon.



Originally a Russian Orthodox Church, then a stint as a bar known as "The Shadows" before taking on the persona "Club 21" since 1958.

The Hamburgler and Pickles & Ammo needed a well deserved lunch break and clue us in.
While sitting in one of Portlands finest dining establishments recently, the chef (who shall remain nameless) highly recommended this place as his favorite burger in town (I'm sure much to the horror of the other listening patrons). Well, he was right. This is actually a great burger.

The first one up there is a bacon cheeseburger with all the usual suspects for $7.00 with chips. Add fries, tots, or salad for $1.00

That beast on the last photo is the "Club 21 Specialty Burger". 1/3 lb of "Prime Beef", ham, cheese, egg, bacon, and usual suspects (mayo and thousand island). $7.50 with chips.

They also have a Gardenburger for $6.50

Bonus Pickle!

Club 21
2035 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 235-5690


Andy said...

I just got the club special, with jalapeno poppers.
Lost $5 at keno.

If I go back, I would wrap it in the paper (I am sure you have a term for that) so it holds together, but it was pre-cut which makes that a bit more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Took a walk down to Club21 last weekend for the burgers (the only way we could allow ourselves to do so was to walk the 4 miles down Glisan and back), and man were they worth it. I got the bleu w/ bacon, the boyfriend got the 21 Special, and we shared halves. The bleu could have done without the bacon (or double the bacon!) as the cheese was pretty strong, but the Special was amazing - it's the best "super burger" that I've had, ever. All of the parts are equally distributed according to taste, so one is able to appreciate each individual ingredient as well as the conglomeration of them all. We'll definitely be going back.