Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hamburger Casting Call: Become a Portland Hamburger

You....Yes you! Can participate and become a Portland Hamburger. It's really easy and fun. Everyone is welcome.

Just do the following:

1 - Snap a picture of that burger (even if it has already been posted about...what do you have to say about it?)

2 - Note the price and toppings. Write nothing, a little, or a lot. Its up to you.

3 - Come up with a burger related alias (see the list in the right margin).

4 - Send it in.

5 - Let your friends know when the post goes up.

It's that easy!

We will even include a link to you/your project/band/show/whatever, or you can stay anonymous.

Vegans/Vegetarians we would love to hear from more of you. Sadly we only have a couple vegiburgers posted, but would love to have lots more.

Bonus points for getting a snap shot of the front of the establishment. Please note that cell phone camera's usually don't take very good photos. Not that we know anything about photography, but there is a cut off point.

Some folks have expressed a bit of confusion on what Portland Hamburgers website is all about. It's really not about much more then taking photos of hamburgers for fun, and having fun eating them. Notice that there is no "best burger" list, really not much of any kind of "reviews" (although you are more then welcome to write them if you want), and the site isn't monetized. This is simply something fun to do and read. Please keep that in mind when you send in your burger action.

PHOTO: Mulling It Over with CC license.


BlaqMagikWmn said...

Great site thanks for the precise info. Like you stated these aren't reviews these are ppl stating the facts. I mention your site a lot to friends, and randoms, but HAVE yet to take a pic, and post. Thanks again for this wonderful site/blog....The Meat Between Your Bunz =)

Eric Tsai said...

Silly question here, but this blog has really inspire me. I love eating burgers and would want to participate. However, i don't live in portland....

Peon paradise said...

I'm Christopher Jen from I've just posted an article referencing your website. Love this project. We want to support it anyway we can.