Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hutch

AmericanCheese and CondimentSpreader continue their quest through Southeast Portland:

Having been to the original Hutch on Glisan quite a few times it was deemed necessary to peep their new venture on 41st and SE Holgate.

Formerly a restaurant named Grandma's,... the New Hutch is pretty laidback. Full old school digs upstairs, huge woodcarved bar downstairs. Head downstairs.

Large menu, some good burger selection. Really nice bartender. AmericanCheese went straight for the traditional Cheeseburger. They serve it and all their burgers with a house special sauce. No condiments required. Good large steak fries.

CondimentSpreader thought he was tough and opted for the "Hero Burger". Ham, two pieces of soft bacon, a fried egg, american cheese and a half pound of beef. The ham, which is usually thick in burgs of this type, was super thin and layered. Super good and almost overpowered the flavor of the beef. Only 2/3 the way through and it looked like breathing became difficult. Recommended, however.

Bonus Pickle!

The Hutch
41st / SE Holgate
Portland, OR 97213


J. S. Gilbert said...

Well drinks: $3.75 for mostly ice, some juice/mix, very little alcohol. $10 minimum credit card purchase! You do the math. THIS PLACE IS A F****ING RIPOFF.

It used to be great when it was Grandma's. The new owners are obviously out for only one thing: to take as much of your money as possible by serving weak drinks and overpriced food while having rude help that is forced to wear company T-shirts. And all they ever put on the TV is ESPN, even in the background while people sing karaoke to Queen. IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT. DON'T GO TO THE HUTCH, IT'S LAME AND FILLED WITH LAME PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

I f**king adore this place! The drinks are strong and cheap, the waitstaff both up and downstairs are pretty killer since it seems one or two of them keep hold of an entire bar full of customers and do it quite well, and they serve the best pizza in portland- bar none.