Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Seasons

Hamburgler feels better about burgering:

The cafeteria at New Seasons is pretty good. For $5.95 you get a char-grilled "Country Natural Beef" burger with your choice of tons of condiments. No fries, but ample selection of chips and snacks.

They also have a selection of turkey, veggie, and chicken burgers.

Bonus Pickle

New Seasons
All over the Portland metro area.


Anonymous said...

Man, oh man, I loves me that New Seasons Market. Not only do they have great burgers but they also have an awesome grocery delivery service. I have them drop off local, sustainable grocery items every two week like clockwork.

Andy said...

I love the market, but am not too crazy about the burgers.

For me, they tend to be a bit soggy.