Friday, November 16, 2007

Rogue Ales Public House

The Hamburgler gets back in the game and checks out one of them "brewpubs" that seemed to be such a trend back in the 90's.

The burgers here come in a bit more expensive (that bacon cheeseburger you see was $9.75). Does not come anywhere close to other burgers at that price or less (Slow Bar, Club 21, North 45, Amnesia), probably due to some overhead issue. sigh.

Should have skipped the regular burger and went straight for the "American Kobe Beef" burger. Those start at $11.95 for a 1/2 pounder, and up to $14.95 for bacon/cheese. This will probably need an update.

Kind of turned off by the whole place. It's not that the beer is bad, or that the burger is bad, it's when you are eating here you are bombarded with branding of the Rouge empire and the room feels like mail order catalog "bar theme".

Bonus Pickle!

Rogue Ales Public House
1339 NW Flanders St
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 222-5910


Anonymous said...

The crowd is kinna Seattleish also.Yuppified a-holes.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love Rogue. The beer is the best (Chipotle Ale! St. Rogue's Red!), the Kobe Cheeseburgers are super good, and heck, I like their branding for the most part.