Friday, December 7, 2007

Mock Crest

The PattyPusher returns with Burger-FreeBurger, and finds Mock Crest after a recent cyclecross race:

Let’s start by saying Patty Pusher is not that bright. He actually pays money to ride his bicycle in the worst circumstances imaginable. After the recent USGP of cyclocross race at PIR, where conditions were “epic” (see pic 1), he had a powerful craving for an “epic” burger to match.

Guided by some kind of mystic forces, probably the gale force winds of the day, he miraculously landed at Mocks Crest Tavern with his sherpa, Burger-FreeBurger. While Burger-FreeBurger has taken a vow of critterless eating, she was a fabulous guide in steering the pair to hot toddies that brought sweet sweet circulation back to Patty Pusher’s toes. Once able to focus on the menu instead of frozen appendages, he quickly zeroed in on the words Burger, Swiss, and Tots. Done and done.

The burger arrives and is luckily documented before it disappears. While possibly not deserving the “Portland’s Best Burger” designation it gets in the menu, the meat is sweet, the LTO fresh, the mayo thick, and the Tots hot ‘n’ crispy. Totally worth the $6.95. The burgerless burger had by Ms. Burger-FreeBurger was with a Gardenburger patty and the usual suspects, also fully respectable.

Bonus Pickle!

Mock Crest
3435 N Lombard St,
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 283-5014

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