Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tom's Pizza & Sports Pub

Burgermeister and VeggiePatty give us a North Portland update. What? Bacon is a great topping on veggieburgers:

Went to Tom's Pizza & Sports pub on Lombard. There was about 25 big screen tv's which wasn't so bad until the sound went on. Some college football game.

I had the "Rodeo Burger" (first and second pictures), which has cheddar, bbq sauce and bacon. Burgermeister got it with the veggie patty which was just delicious. It comes with a salad or french fries. Got the salad which is topped with every pizza topping known to man.

VeggiePatty got the veggie patty ( um duh! ). She ate it all and said it was good.
that's all.

Tom's Pizza & Sports Pub
2630 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97217


Anonymous said...

Took your advice. This place rocks! Burgers are awesome. Try the Tom's special Burger.

Anonymous said...

I ate the Bacon cheese burger yesterday. Overall it was ok but very overpriced for lunch, almost 9 bucks. I use to eat there a few years ago but it doesnt taste the same. The french frys has changed from steak frys to more regular size with a very light batter on them.