Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hamburgler visits the Caribbean restaurant merry-go-round in Belmont's land of coffee shops (how many more can open around there?):

Ehh. Was hoping they would have some kind of themed burger to go with all the Caribbean/Creole/Hawaiian theme. Nope. They do have guacamole for the burger though.

The bun was dry as a bone and grainy/mealy. Eck. Take a bite, sip the water, water runs out, douse it in ketchup. The burger, well, nevermind.

Ordered a lot of extra "done", and they didn't even charge for it either (see ticket).

They have a Gardenburger too.

3350 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214


Christopher Harley said...

I'm going to leave this out of the Burger Map for now. Salvador Molly's sold this place to Calypso about eight months ago. Although it still has the same menu, sources inside the establishment say that the restaurant is undergoing further changes and will reopen under a new name and menu within the month.

Anonymous said...

The phone number says: " longer in service."