Wednesday, January 23, 2008

East Burn

A new recruit Baconator (from the AltPortland blog) chimes in on what the old Nocturnal space turned into on Burnside:

Menu description: Black & Bleu Burger Char-broiled 1/2 pound hand formed fresh burger coated in blackening seasoning on grilled focaccia bun with rogue bleu cheese, pepper
bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato served with fresh-cut fries. ($12)

This "Special" Cheeseburger was putting on some serious airs. 12 bucks for a half-pound of overcooked beef with bleu cheese & pepper bacon -- though to be honest, this tasted just like any other bacon cheeseburger. Fries are homemade, and still rather tasty (don't remember about the pickle)

NOTE: Looks like the prices have been adjusted downward recently. The 1/2 pounder is $9.00 and there is a $7.00 1/3 pounder at lunch with fries.

East Burn
1800 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214


LeLo said...

I am so glad to see the arrival of Baconator. I've been hoping she'd come on over...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Hamburgler. I hope you didn't pay $12 for that burger since it was on the menu for $10, but even that's dropped. Against my chef's food cost wishes we've dropped the price to $9 and started making our own pattie, still with Cascade Natural and using Ciabatta instead of the foccaccia buns..Wasn't a big fan...I need your opinion on the made to order thing. What if we just did two options.. 1) Done or 2) Bloody as Hell. I made a medium burger for a guy last week (as ordered) and he sent it back because it was a little pink in the middle!!?? I'm not out to win best burger in town, but I sure want it to be good. Cheers! Mike Bender

Anonymous said...

just a quick note, your chef is clueless

Shemp said...

The food is actually quite good. My ham & cheese sandwich came with a really symphonic bowl of potato and bacon soup. The burgers looked pretty massive!

Unknown said...

I liked that the owner posted his comment so I went today. Irritated when I asked for "medium rare" I was told only rare or medium. The server agreed it was a dumb rule and said never mind, she'd get it the way I wanted it. It was cooked perfectly. And it was a nice burger, not Castagna nice, but certainly above average. BTW: Idiot comments like "your chef is clueless" do not to add anything to a discussion, especially by "anonymous."