Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grand Central Bowl

Kind of think Hamburgler thought that its was South Central and not Grand Central:

The new turtlehead of the inner Southeast, Grand Central Bowl. Its fancy, and has bowling, and a lot of picture story devices, but that is here nor there, its the burger.

This burger was a genuine hockey-puck. Thin as paper charred solid burger (see the second pic) not even as thick as one of the onion rings. I don't know what the theory is with cooking the lettuce on the burger, kind of gross as well.

I know, I know, give them a break, they just opened. Burgers start at $6.50, up to $9.95 for the "Grand Central" burger with bacon, onion rings, cheese, and fancy mayo (was not available due to running out of bacon because of the "busy" breakfast crowd......really?).

They have sliders as well.

Grand Central Bowl
839 SE Morrison (or Belmont)
Portland, OR 97214


carls said...

The cheapest burger at grand central bowl is $8.00 -- there is nothing at all on the menu for as cheap as $6.50 unless you count sides.

Manolo said...

i would beat someone up for that burger, yo.

Caitlin said...

Grand Central's sliders are the best sliders I've bought in Portland so far. Although I can make better sliders, I haven't been able to find anything yummier in other bars.